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Photographie von  C. Hakel; Photograph: Ph. Wolfrum; Nuernberg November 2005
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new mechanical contraception for the women:
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What is lea®contraceptivum?

lea®contraceptivum is a real breakthrough in hormone-free contraceptive choice. It can be inserted easily and spontaneously into the vagina and offers thus the possibility of preventing only if it is really necessary. By its special shape a safe seat before the cervix is ensured, so that lea®contraceptivum does not slip out of position during the Sex.


Insert lea®contraceptivum as far as possible into the vagina and walk a few steps. Air escapes by the valve of lea®contraceptivum and sucction builds, which holds®lea contraceptivum at the correct place. Going helps lea®contraceptivum to slip to the correct place. Sperms can not ascend by mentioned valve, but menstruation-blood and secretion can however problem-free flow off in the other direktion. As a check you can pull the loop of lea®contraceptivum slightly. If a resistance is to be felt, the seat is perfect.

The security of  lea®contraceptivum is increased by a spermizide gel (nonoxynol-9). Give the quantiy of a haselnut in and on lea®contraceptivum, before you insert it.
In order to remove lea contraceptivum, you seize the control loop and twist it. Thus you break the suction and can it then easy remove it. An other way to break the suction is: reach under the edge of lea contraceptivum with your finger and lift it.

lea®contraceptivum can be inserted anytime prior to intercourse,
Use for 48 hours. and if necessary a few hours more: To avoid pregnancy it must be left in place for at least 8 hours after sex. .

Information and Facts

  • effective: Motivation of the user is the key. Using the lea®contraceptivum consistently and properly for every sex act will lead to better efficacy. Clinical studies which included a high number of parous women (who previously gave birth) shows that the lea®contraceptivum has a better efficacy then the diaphragm and the cervical cap. In the nulliparous group (women who have not previously given birth), none became pregnant. (However, the nulliparous group was too small to draw any further conclusion.) All women had only an 8.7% chance of getting pregnant within 6 months when using the lea®contraceptivum. No emergency contraceptive was used in the study in conjunction with the lea®contraceptivum. For an average population effecitiveness was calculated to 97,8 % if lea®contraceptivum is used with spermicide; 97,1 % when used alone.
  • Form:Round shape, smooth edges, valve in center and integrated control loop for removal. Easy to insert and remove, comfortable and unsurpassed in reliability among barrier methods.
  • Material: Pure medical grade silicone rubber, flexible construction
  • Size: lea®contraceptivum is a one-size-fits-all reusable vaginal barrier contraceptive device. Approximately the size of a diaphragm (about 5,5 cm ). It does not depend on vaginal dimensions or cervical size which vary from woman to woman.
  • Clean: lea®contraceptivum should be washed thoroughly with mild liquid soap for approximately 2 minutes, dried, and then stored in its silk pouch (see User Manual). It is recommended that the lea®contraceptivum be replaced if it shows any signs of wear or deterioration.
  • Price: You can buy lea®contraceptivum in our onlineShop at actual price.
  • spermicide: spermicide increases the security of lea®contraceptivum. We recommended a spermicide jelly (active substance Nonoxinol 9). Some use also a diaphragm gel, that is not spermicide, e.g. contracep green on lactic acid basis Concerning risks and side effects please read the package insert and ask you your physician or pharmacist.